Design System Night with Picnic, de Volksbank and Angi

After the successful Design System Night last November in the Hague, we have organised our second edition in Amsterdam. Picnic and de Volksbank have shared their journeys and successes, and Angi Studio has tested the design system knowledge of participants during an Interactive Design Systems quiz.

Design systems in mobile focused team (Picnic)


Wiemer Viet, UX designer, is working on Picnic’s native consumer apps as well as Picnic React Native delivery app used by their delivery hero’s. He gave a unique insight using and implementing design systems in small mobile-focused teams.

After the launch of Picnic, a design library was created to ensure unity amongst a growing team of designers and creatives. Now the focus is to foster and build a reliable design system together with developers. How extensive should a design system be if you only develop for a native mobile app? What would a possible switch to React Native mean for a design system and their role as designers? Wiemer has covered these questions and related topics.

The multibrand design system of de Volksbank

Ad en Laura

De Volksbank is a family of bank brands: ASN Bank, BLG Wonen, RegioBank, and SNS Bank. All brands have their own identity but are part of a single Design System. Ad de Bont (Lead UX Designer) and Laura van Vught (Design System Developer) have talked about the challenges they faced setting up this multi-brand Design System.

Ad and Laura showed us their current structure of a platform team, their governance process and shared their insights on how to keep everyone involved and engaged along the way.

Design System Quiz (Angi Studio)

Angi Studio has prepared some very tricky questions to test your design system knowledge with this interactive quiz. The winner was announced and he has got some awesome prizes 🎉

The full report: State of Design System in the Netherlands, 2019

Last but not least. Curious how other organisations in the Nederlands build and maintain their Design Systems? Check out our research State of Design Systems in the Nederlands, 2019.

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