Help, I have a Design System, now what?

Developing and maintaining a Design System is a hot topic right now. Setting up and improving your Design System can be very challenging. This evening we will share our experiences with helping companies and organisation setting up their own Design System.


What have we learned from ‘State of Design Systems 2018’ survey

In this Meetup we shared our insights from ‘State of Design Systems’ survey that we conducted among 260+ designers and developers from the Netherlands! ❤️

Together with the participants we discussed the most interesting insights we found. We asked them how they perceive these challenges and how they would solve them.

Design System Proces Puzzel 

Design Systems are 80% about people and how they work together. This is one of the biggest challenges people face when setting up and using a Design System. In our survey we used process and collaboration as main focus.

During this Meetup we focused on this particular challenge and gave the participants a fictional case. In small teams we asked them to create a fictional process by using our Design System Process Puzzle to solve the following problem:

Cool Design System! I need a live chat, how do I add it to the Design System?

After everyone created their own process, the teams shared insights and discussed their flows.

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Verder met je Design System?

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Aan de slag met Design Systems?
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