Angi + Picnic: How Lean Experiments help you build products customers want

✨ In this special edition we have partnered up with Picnic for a brand new Meetup all about innovation and Lean experiments!

With the development of new products it’s no longer about a ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’ product, it’s about the right product. 80% of all new product ideas fail because customers simply do not care about it. Lean experiments can help you learn from your customers, continuously. By doing this, you’ll stay relevant to your customers and see your business grow.

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”
— The Lean Startup

During this Meetup Angi Studio gave an introduction into those Lean Experiments. We’ve talked about how small experiments help you turn your assumptions into facts and why running more experiments will lead to more success.

Wiemer Viet, UX Designer at Picnic, has shared a really cool case on how his team created the new Runner app by doing more than 60 user-tests and 11 design iterations.

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