Get insights with our Design Audit

Get insight in the consistency of your products with our two day Design Audit. We audit your products and services together with you, or as an independent observer. Contact us today.

Design audit

Your situation

You want to (re)build a Design System and need to know where to start to have the most impact. Or you need to convince stakeholders that different platforms have enough similarities to benefit from using one Design System.

If you already have a Design System it’s a good idea to do a design audit every 6 months to monitor the health of your Design System. After doing our two-day audit you will have all the tooling and knowledge to conduct regular audits yourself together with your team.

Our research on the state of Design Systems in The Netherlands shows that inconsistencies in user experience and a jungle of code and design are the most important reasons for starting a Design System. This is why an audit into the inconsistencies is a great idea.

We’ve helped multiple companies like IB, Greenchoice, Gemeente Den Haag, Reed Business Information and EO with setting up their Design System.

Logo's gemeente Den Haag, IBO, Reed Business en Greenchoice

What will we do?

You tell us which products, platforms or services we should audit, your website, online app, mobile app, intranet, or social media / newsletters. The sky is the limit.

We then plan the date for your audit together. Either as an independent studio or together with your team we take two full days for the audit.

During the audit we follow a structured approach to go through your chosen products and collect all components. We group the components and judge their ‘health’ to calculate your design debt. From here we describe and prioritize your components so you have a backlog for your Design System.

Optionally, we can extract colors and define typography as a start for your Design System.

Why do an audit with us?

After our two-day audit…

  • you know exactly where the biggest inconsistencies are for your users
  • you have convincing arguments to show why a Design System is a good investment
  • you have a backlog and a roadmap for your Design System
  • your team has a focus on thinking in components for design and implementation
  • you have the tooling and knowledge to do a Design Audit yourself

The audit lasts two days. We can audit remotely, but we have the best results when we audit together with you and your team on location.

More about Design Systems?

Curious how other organizations in The Netherlands build and maintain Design Systems? Read our State of Design Systems in Nederlands, 2018.

Or visit our Meetups about Design Systems or download our free tools.

Questions about Design Systems?
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