Design System Booster

You have a Design System and it’s doing great. But it can do better. Do you want to improve tooling? Or process? In one day we’ll bring your Design System to a higher level!

Design System Booster

The Design System Booster is a one-day workshop for project-managers, product owners, design-system-leads or scrum-masters and their team. We evaluate bottlenecks with the current Design System and implement solutions.

The Situation

The amount of companies that use a Design System keeps growing. And that’s a good thing because Design Systems give users a consistent experience through all platforms and channels. However, we’ve found through our research that most teams don’t focus enough on process and people when setting up the system or they use the wrong Design System-tooling. This often leads to problems with adoption.

Perhaps you notice some issues, like…

  • Components without proper documentation
  • Sub-optimal cooperation with team-members
  • Not everybody is on board with the Design System
  • Brand values are not used consistently

In short, you don’t reap all the benefits of your Design System.

Let us help you. We’ve helped many companies with successfully kicking off their Design System, with our Design System Take Off:

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Our plan to improve your Design System

In just one day two Design System specialists evaluate your situation, propose concrete improvements and help you implement them. We do this together with your team.

Optionally, we do a survey within your organization. Such a survey helps you get an objective view of your situation.

The entire day is filled with interactive excercises that are applied to your situation. Our specialists will create a menu of exercises especially tailored for you. We could work on your process, create new and inspiring design principles, hold a pick-your-brain-session with our specialized frontend-developers, or discuss tooling in-depth. Remember: the whole day will be adjusted completely to your organization.

Together we make sure your Design System will get the boost it needs. Together we prevent your Design System from failing.

Sounds like a plan?

More about Design Systems?

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Questions about Design Systems?
Maurice loves to help.

Maurice Timp

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