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We help you make a flying start with your Design System in just 4 days, together with your team. With a Design System you’ll get a consistent user-experience across all your platforms. The result? More time for new features, instead of re-inventing the wheel!

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The Problem

Your product development is focused on speed: you’re pushed to deliver. New features and product improvements are more important than documentation and re-usability. 

It starts great, but after a while you start to notice that…

  • it’s difficut to improve, maintain and extend your product
  • product development takes more time and money than needed
  • there’s no consistent user experience
  • your branding is all-over-the-place

We know your pain. We’ve made many products without a Design System and we ran into the same problems. Development slows down, design gets inconsistent and nobody remembers why things are the way they are.

It feels like you keep re-inventing the wheel. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We’ve helped several companies in setting up their Design System. Companies like:

Logo's gemeente Den Haag, IBO, Reed Business en Greenchoice

In just 4 days, we helped the municipality of The Hague get a flying start with their Design System. After these 4 days, the municpality has enough knowledge and skills to implement and expand their Design System. We helped them set up a new way of working and gave them more control over design and the surrounding process.

What is a Design System?

A Design System is a collection of re-usable components with documentation. Designers, developers, marketeers and other stakeholders use Design Systems to quickly design and build websites, create content and make applications.

Design Systems are 80% people and how we work together. As you can see from our research, collaboration and adoption of the system in the organization are major pain points. That’s why our workshop focuses heavily on these aspects.

Thanks to Angi Studio the user-friendliness of Nextens gets a huge boost and the development of new functionality will be much faster and easier!

Tristan, UX Lead at Nextens (Reed Business Information)

What will we do?

We will set up you Design System together with you in just 4 days. The first two days are for making choices. We follow a structured process to decide on process, naming and content. Two design-system specialists help you make choices that fit for your organization. We also delve deeply into design-system tooling.

The last two days are for building. One of our frontend specialists joins the team and helps set up the component-library. Our designers help set up the UI-kit and documentation. After the Take Off your developers have all the knowledge and skills to expand the Design System themselves.

With the Take Off you get:

  • A new workflow for your Design System team
  • A custom tool-chain that fits with your needs (no ‘one size fits all’)
  • Documentation of your brand and principles, UI-kit for designers and a component-library for developers
  • A roadmap for the future of you Design System

We always follow up our Take Off with a ‘recap-day’ after four weeks, where we help you by answering remaining questions and solve lingering problems.

Design System Planning

We do this together

We do the Take Off together with your team: about seven participants from your designer-, develop- and marketing-departments (or other stakeholders!). This team provides the knowledge of your organization, while we provide the knowledge on Design Systems.

Together we will create:

  • A ‘Single Source of Truth’ for Design, Development, Marketing and other stakeholders
  • A clear workflow for the entire team
  • A Design System that’s flexible and stable and is custom to your organization
  • A quicker ‘time to market’ and better brand experience
  • Better product quality ( = happier customers)

After this Take Off, you have everything you need to expand your Design System yourself. A Design system is never finished (like your website!).

Note: we recommend doing a design audit before doing this Take Off, but it is not a requirement.

Already have a Design System?

If you already have a Design System, but are losing a lot of time and energy in making the organization adopt it? We can give your existing Design System a boost with our Design System Booster.

Want to know more about Design Systems?

Want to know how other organizations build and maintain their Design Systems? Read our elaborate research State of Design Systems in The Netherlands, 2018.

Or visit our Meetups about Design Systems or download our free tools.

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