Design System Taster Workshop

Get your team up to speed and show stakeholders the benefits of having a Design System. A three-hour workshop specialized to your organization. As a result, participants learn everything they need to know about Design Systems.

Design System oefening

This is a highly interactive workshop for project-leaders, product-owners, designers, managers and scrum-masters. In short, people who want to get started with building a Design System. In this workshop participants learn what Design Systems are, what the benefits are and how to get started with them.

The problem

Your product development is focused on speed: you’re pushed to deliver. New features and product improvements are more important than documentation and re-usability.

It starts great, but after a while you start to notice that…

  • it’s difficut to improve, maintain and extend your product
  • product development takes more time and money than needed
  • there’s no consistent user experience
  • your branding is all-over-the-place

We know your pain. We’ve made many products without a Design System and we ran into the same problems. Development slows down, design gets inconsistent and nobody remembers why things are the way they are.

It feels like you keep re-inventing the wheel. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We’ve helped several companies in setting up their Design System. Companies like:

Logo's gemeente Den Haag, IBO, Reed Business en Greenchoice

What is a Design System?

A Design System is a collection of re-usable components with documentation. Designers, developers, marketeers and other stakeholders use Design Systems to quickly design and build websites, create content and make applications.

Design Systems are 80% people and how we work together. As you can see from our research, collaboration and adoption of the system in the organization are major pain points. That’s why our workshop focuses heavily on these aspects.

What will we do?

Before planning your Design-System-Taster, we like to have a short talk about your situation: what are your pain points, who do you need to convince? This helps us setting up the workshop especially for you. Just give us a call!

We then plan your Design System Taster together. We can come to your organization or you can come to our design-studio (we’ll provide cookies and coffee for free!). As this workshop is highly interactive, there’s a maximum of 10 people.

During the workshop we make an inventory of your products and services, the challenges that are ahead and how/if a Design System can solve those. We also show you how you can get started easily.

After the Design System Taster, all participants will know…

  • What a Design System is
  • The benefits a Design System delivers for your organization
  • How to start with a Design System in your organization

Want to know more about Design Systems?

Want to know how other organizations build and maintain their Design Systems? Read our elaborate research State of Design Systems in the Nederlands, 2018.

Or visit our Meetups about Design Systems or download our free tools.

Questions about Design Systems?
Maurice will answer them.

Maurice Timp
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