Start building the product your customers really want

But where to start? 80% of all product ideas fail because customers simply do not care about it.
The Customer Profile is here to help. It will help you visualize what you know about your customers. What are facts and what are assumptions? By filling in your Customer Profile you’ll have all the input you need to start turning those assumptions into validated facts.

Download instructions

Step by step

  1. Pick your customer segment. Pick one customer segment per profile you want to focus on.
  2. Draw the Customer Profile template. Draw it on a piece of paper or Magic Chart.
  3. Fill in the Customer Profile. In rounds, ask the team to write down all Jobs to be Done, Pains and Gains for this customer segment.
  4. Fact or assumption? Quickly discuss all post-it notes. Is it a fact or an assumption? Make clear to the team something can only be a fact if they are 100% sure. Would you bet your job on it? 😉
  5. What is your riskiest assumption?Ask the Decider to pick the riskiest assumption. The one that could be a real ‘business killer’. What do we need to validate first? Use this assumption as input for your next experiment.

And remember: It’s a living canvas, which becomes clearer the more you learn. 👌

Yes! Give me the free PDF.

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