Design Sprint Kickoff Canvas

This canvas will help you and your team prepare for a Design Sprint that’s coming up. It helps you get clear focus for the sprint. Results can be used as input during our Design Sprint intake. Tip: invite individual team members to fill in the canvas to get different perspectives.

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Preview of the kickoff canvas

Step by step

Print out your canvas on an A4 paper en start filling it in one by one.

  1. Problem. This first sections is split in two parts. First: What problem(s) are you struggling with right now and which ones would you like to solve or experiment with during the sprint? Difficulty finding the right problems? Try our problem framing exercise. Second part is about why it would be important to solve this problem. It forces you to think about the ‘why’ and which problem is worth solving.
  2. Users. What is the most important target group? Try to describe them here.
  3. Inspiration. In preparation of the ‘lightning demos’, try to think of products or services that inspire you. These don’t have to be digital or ‘online’ or even in your same branch.
  4. Sprint team. Start forming your team with picking a Decider. Who will be the one making the tough decisions? Then select the people you want to join you during the sprint. Aim for a multidisciplinary team, people who normally don’t work together. Also try to include people with a lot of contact with end-users like sales or customer service.
  5. Desired outcomes. What would you like to get out of the sprint? We already listed some options for you, but feel free to add your own.
  6. After the sprint. Let’s think about next steps. Do you already have some ideas on what to do next in an ideal situation? 

This tool is part of the Design Sprint Intake from Angi Studio

Getting started with Design Sprints? Esther can help you out.

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