Experiment Test Card

This template will help you define, plan and measure your experiments. At Angi Studio we use this tool during our Growth Sprints. Tip: keep your experiments as small as possible!

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Step by step

Print out your template on an A4 paper en start filling it in one by one.

  1. Experiment name. Give your experiment a name 💁‍♀️
  2. Learning goal. The big overarching question you need to answer. A learning goal is broader than a hypothesis and might take you several experiments to learn.
  3. Hypothesis. Describe your hypothesis as specific an measurable as possible. A hypothesis is statement which can be falsified.
  4. Action steps. Describe the type of experiment you want to run and list the steps you need to complete. Keep your experiment as small as possible in order to learn.
  5. Next best action. A solution is a commitment to iteration – ahead of time – no matter what the outcome of testing will be, there will always be a next best action. Define next best actions for both outcomes: ‘if you get it right’ and ‘if you get it wrong’.
  6. Who is responsible? Assign a person responsible for running this experiment.
  7. Duration. Estimate time needed to run a minimal viable test to adequately vet the idea. Think in days rather than weeks.

Getting started with experimenting?
Esther can help you out.

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