Design System Process puzzle 

What’s the best workflow to add new elements to your Design System? Gather your team and use our Process Puzzle to find out!

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Design System Procespuzzel

When do I use this tool?

The Process Puzzle can be used at different stages: you use it to update your team’s workflow or to determine a new one. We use it during our Future Flow exercise, which we use for the the take-off of a new Design System or enhancing the workflows when your Design System needs a boost.

How do you use the Process Puzzle?

Print the Process Puzzle on thick paper and cut out the cards. Afterwards, gather your team 🙂

It’s important that your Design System is used by your entire organisation, so don’t do this on your own or with a team of only designers. Also think about inviting (front-end) developers, marketing, copywriters and product owners.

Having trouble printing and cutting the cards? Contact us and we might send you a finished card-deck!


+/- 45 minutes


3 – 10 participants

You’ll need
  • The Proces Puzzle, printed and cut
  • A4-paper
  • Voting dots
  • Pens and Markers
  • Time Timer

The Process Puzzle does not stand alone, but is part of an exercise called Future Flow. That exercise in short:

  • each person individually sketches an ‘ideal flow’ for getting new ideas into the Design System
  • present your flow (1 minute per person)
  • stick all flows on a wall
  • give everyone voting dots, and create a heat-map of ‘interesting parts’ from every flow
  • vote which flow you want to use as a starting point
  • now use the cards from the process puzzle to sketch out the final flow. Take as starting point: “idea / application” (30 minutes)
  • lastly add the role cards to the process: who is involved in what? (15 minutes)

The Future Flow exercise consists of more steps, such as determining a ‘personality’ and defining a definition of done. Curious? Contact Maurice, or check our Design System Take off

Why should I think about my process?

Why another process? Don’t you have a design process, already? Our research into Design Systems in The Netherlands showed us that the biggest problem with design systems is work-process and adoption. That’s why we recommend taking another look at your process!

What should I do after the Process Puzzle?

A new process is just one part of your Design System. The next step is to actually use this process and to keep sharpening it. It is a good idea to plan a moment in which you re-evaluate your process, for example during a Design System Booster.

Now it’s time to fill up your Design System. For that you can make a nice start with our checklist. Did you use the Process Puzzle? Please send your feedback or questions to our Design System Lead Maurice! (or tag us on Instagram: @angi_studio). Good luck!

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