5 questions to ask before a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint creates a safe space to experiment and test your ideas in just 4 days. It’s a great way to involve stakeholders and get buy-in from your organisation. It helps you to validate your riskiest assumptions and narrow the uncertainty gap fast. But is it the right method for you? These 5 questions will help you to decide if a Design Sprint is right for you.

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When should I do a Design Sprint?

To Sprint or not to Sprint? We’re huge fans of the Design Sprint, but it isn’t the solutions to all your problems. That’s why we created 5 intake questions to check if the Design Sprint is the right method for you.

A Design Sprint is a right for you if

  1. You have identified a challenging customer problem. Nobody needs a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Difficulty finding the right problems? Start talking to your customers first, to find out their pains.
  2. Your problem is worth spending 220+ hours on. Don’t go for the small win.
  3. You’re open to explore new and risky solutions. The more open you start, the better.
  4. A potential solution feel like a ‘big bet’. Design sprints are great to reduce risk and narrow the uncertainty gap fast.
  5. You get commitment to clear schedules from your team members. In other words: do decision-makers in your company think this is a problem worth solving?

This tool is part of the Design Sprint Intake from Angi Studio

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Ready to take-off your Design Sprint?

Design Sprint Kickoff Canvas

The Kickoff Canvas will help you and your team prepare for a Design Sprint that’s coming up.

Getting started with Design Sprints? Esther can help you out.

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