Workshop Design Sprint 2.0

Concept development can take weeks or even months. But why spend so much time without knowing if you’re heading in the right direction? A Design Sprint helps you develop new concepts in just 4 days and test them directly with your users. During this workshop the participants had experienced the full sprint process in just 2 hours.

Impression of the workshop

A safe environment to experiment

It is not without reason that organisations such as Google, Slack and Uber apply this method. It is a safe environment to experiment with your most promising ideas. The only thing you can loose is just 4 days.

design sprint proces
Design Sprint process

When do you do a Design Sprint?

The most important question is of course, when do you do a Design Sprint? After all, it is 7 people x 4 days = 224 hours, which is a major investment. The risk if you use a Design Sprint incorrectly? A demotivated team and no valuable learnings.

When is a Design Sprint a good idea? 👍

  • You want to get started with a big challenge; the greater the challenge, the better the sprint.
  • If you have limited time, you want to find a solution quickly.
  • When you want to give your team a boost.

When is a Design Sprint not a good idea? 👎

  • You have a small challenge, not worth spending 200+ hours on.
  • The solution is already defined and abandoning this is not an option.
  • No means to follow it up.
  • Team is not willing/not able to clear agendas.
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Get started with Design Sprints?
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